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What to Wear Ideas!

By Carissa, October 4, 2016



Step one – INDENTIFY

What colour(s) do you suit or like? – Tips below


Step two – DISCOVER

Choose a Pop or Hero Colour


Step three – BALANCE 

Choose your Balance colour(s) – (e.g Black, Neutrals, White, Navy)



Lay your selections out on the bed, table or couch and see how they all look together


Step five – HAVE FUN



Choose a Hero















Group photos



Colour POP


Simple & Stylish






SKIN TONE Have a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they are a bluey/green you’re a warm tone. If blue you’re a cool tone. JEWELLERY Gold for warm tones Silver for cool tones. WHITE OR IVORY White for cool tones Ivory for warm tones. PARENTS Be a part of your photos, take the step, don’t be shy and have fun with your kids! SHAPE who cares anyway? Be a QUEEN, be beautiful in your own skin. YOUR VISION – TALK ABOUT IT Share your ideas with me and lets create beautiful, unique moments. PRINTING YOUR PHOTOS think about the colours in the space you’re going hang them in. STUDIO OR LOCATION This will affect how your clothes look in your photos. CROPPED Simplicity is best WIDE ANGLE LANDSCAPES Stand outBold solid colours are best! TO MANY RULES Break them and be yourselves!





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