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Carissa Marsh Photography and Your Story Marketing offer a range of commercial photography options from headshots and product photography to digital marketing. 


Photographs, good ones, are really powerful. Great photographs of you and your business are one step to help engage your customers and can be used in a variety of marketing strategies. The most important aspect of commercial photography is authenticity, body language, professionalism, and understanding what the photograph’s intention is. 


I have been photographing for 10+ years and have photographed a variety of businesses to deliver a diverse range of photography and branding media. I have a degree in Visual Art and Design and In 2021 I studied for a Diploma in Online Marketing which has helped develop my existing design and creative skills, and love for people’s individual stories to create a one-stop-shop for your digital marketing and design needs.

Shoot Types

Head Shots | Team Shots | Product Photography | Personal Branding |  Website Images

Personal Branding and Headshots

Professional photographs are an essential part of current marketing strategies, so it is important to embrace your fears for the good of your business because YOU are the heart of your brand! Every business should have content that represents its brand in an interesting and authentic way. Your story helps make your brand authentic and relatable, YOU are your brand.

Branding helps potential customers connect and understand your business, and should be professional but relatable. What makes me different from other photographers is that I get how nerve-racking it can be putting yourself out there. So I take the time to get to know you, to help you feel comfortable because it is important to me that you have fun, that you’re happy, and that you can be your best self. 

Branding images are used across marketing platforms from social media to print. Great branding drives potential leads to engage with your brand and is a priceless asset to your business encouraging relationships and authenticity which is critical in today’s digital world. From simple headshots to in-depth branding strategies we can discuss ideas to ensure we capture eye-catching content.

Your personal branding session is tailored to your individual need. My services include headshots, team photos, stock images, or promotional photographs. These can be taken at the studio, your office, workplace, or outdoors. What is important is setting a scene because it connects viewers with your business brand. This could mean photos at a beach, a café, an office, or locally recognised locations. Images are delivered via digital download and are rights released for commercial use.   

Product Photography

People are exposed to thousands of ads with social media attention spans dropping from 7 to 3 seconds! This means it’s really important to grab your audience’s attention quickly, in 3 seconds or less! One of the best ways to do this is through the use of intriguing and professional product photography.

The images you decide to use will represent your business. It’s really important that your business looks professional and your products are captured and conveyed in their best capacity. 

“Don’t underestimate the power of product photography as well as professional photography in general. Always showing your brand in a professional manner is critical to maximizing your sales and developing a strong, loyal customer base. If every piece of content you put out looks better than the competition, consumers are much more likely to advocate for your brand”.


Commercial packages are available to suit all needs. You can book standard packages below or if you have particular requirements fill out the get in touch form and I will quote for your specific needs.

Your Story Marketing

Your story marketing is an extension of Carissa Marsh photography and combines commercial photography with different aspects of digital marketing including, social media and email marketing, branding, design, and websites to create a one-stop-shop for your marketing needs.

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