Carissa Marsh Photography


What to expect…

Hi I’m Carissa, I am a Kerikeri based photographer with a passion for making photography experiences fun! I love people, families, animals, weddings and having a good giggle! My family is my world and photography is the perfect match for my romantic soul. I’m all about real moments, belly laughs, kids climbing trees, funny faces and crazy dance moves… I have tonnes of photography experience and a quirky sense of humor. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can talk through your photography needs!  CONTACT ME


My Style

I’m easy going, relaxed but efficient. I make sure my brides and grooms have the best time but they’re not late to their reception. I cry during wedding ceremonies but I keep photographing through my tears, I love capturing emotion, cuddles and laughter. I choose natural over posed every time! I’m all about real laughs and shared moments. 

About me

I have a degree in Visual Art and Design and in 2011 I started my Masters at AUT. During the first year of my Masters we had a family portrait taken and the experience was average. It got me thinking!

I began to read anything and everything I could about portrait photography. I photographed anyone who would let me and half way through 2011 I opened my very own photography business. I now have a portfolio of amazing families, weddings, events and a growing commercial portfolio.

Portrait photography drives and pushes me to be a better photographer and human. I love that every family is different, every client unique and I get to create an experience and capture moments that they cherish. How a photo shoot makes you feel translates into the feelings the shoot captures. I love that many of my clients come back yearly, so that they have regular updated photographs of their families. What an amazing privilege!

Weddings warm my heart, I love everything about them! I am a self-confessed romantic. I am the photographer who goes the extra mile. I have sewn on buttons and attached buttonholes. I’ve been a chauffeur, helped lace countless wedding dresses and most importantly I get to photograph one of the most important days in someone’s life. WOW!

Whats important to me and my business ~ affordability, a fun experience and capturing beautiful unique photographs. No one should miss out on professional photos due to cost. I’ve spent many hours working out packages that can be tailored to any budget.

I am a photographer because I love what I do, how it makes others feel, and what I can create. Please get in touch, no question is too big or small!




mobile. 027 2932124 home studio. 09 4079409